Write your Resume Iteratively

Now that you have your content, write the resume.  Remember to use one of the formats (chronological or functional.) When you are finished, the most important thing you can do with it is PROOFREAD!

Doing a good job at proofreading sometimes makes all the difference in the world.  Who would hire someone who cannot even spell or take the time to proofread?  

Remember, your resume is your own personal advertisement, so help it make some money for you.  Once you have proofread it, have someone else proofread it.  

After that, hand the vacancy to someone and let him or her read it.  When they are finished give them your resume and ask them if you are qualified for the job. Ask them if your resume presents you in the best possible light.  

That is what tailoring your content is—you provide the best content your targeted audience wants to read.

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