Tailor your Content to Mirror your Readers

Once you have your list. Find common threads of accomplishments that relate to the job you are interested in. Circle these experiences.

Now you are tailoring your content.  Identify two to three of the accomplishments that relate to your prospective job and list them again on a new page.  Read these listings and see if they are in the same language as the job vacancy you read.  

If the vacancy is talking about a project manager and your experience is as a team leader, write it as Team Leader, but talk about how you managed people. If the vacancy is talking about forecasting and your job was as an Analyst, write it as Analyst, but talk about how you forecasted customer, process volumes, expenses, or sales.

Next do a revision. Go back to the company's keywords you noticed when you were researching the company. Remember, if they call them clients, revise all your "customers" to be "clients".

Continue...to write your resume.

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