Resume Format Types - Chronological or Functional

Should you use a chronological or functional resume?

If you only have one or two specific specialties AND you followed a sequential promotion process in one or two companies, use a chronological resume format.

For example, first you were a personnel clerk.  Next you were a senior personnel clerk.  Then you changed organizations and became a section chief for a personnel section. Following that you were in charge of a personnel division for a company. The chronological resume format best supports this kind of situation.

If you worked for many different organizations in many different capacities you may want to use the functional resume format.

For example, first you were a property manager.  Next, you moved and became a manager of a distribution point. Later, you were a logistics planner/analyst.  In your last job you were in charge of a trucking company.  In this case you could use Management, Logistics, and Distribution as areas of functional expertise.

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