Question: How long should a résumé be?

Answer: A résumé should be two pages or less.

Question: How do you do a résumé?

Answer: You can either write a chronological résumé or a functional résumé by summarizing your work and academic experience into a standard résumé template.

Question: Should I include a cover letter with my résumé?

Answer: Yes, you should include a cover letter with your résumé.

Question: How long should a cover letter be?

Answer: A cover letter should be one page in length.

Question: How do you do a cover letter?

Answer: You write a cover letter using a standard letter template and use formal greetings and salutations, e.g., Dear Mr. Smith: or Dear Madam: noting the use of a colon rather than a comma for punctuation.

Question: Do I need a different résumé for each job I pursue?

Answer: Yes, you should tailor your résumé content to best match the job description or vacancy announcement.

Question: What should go in the professional summary of a résumé?

Answer: Whether you use bullet points or sentences, the summary is three to four critical points that emphasize how your experience or skills relate closest to the job description.

Question: Is a cover letter necessary?

Answer: A cover letter is not necessary, but it offers you another opportunity to convince the recruiter or the hiring manager to look deeper at your résumé.

Question: Should I use a functional résumé or a chronological résumé?

Answer: Functional résumés appear more frequently searched in Google Trends. However, the interest is converging. You should include a job history listing how many roles and companies you have been with. A chronological résumé can be helpful in showing your progressions from a junior role to a senior role within one consistent job family or field. A functional resume can help you blend together strong functional skills across different job families or organizations.