Research the Market to Find a Job Field that is Growing

Once you have taken an inventory of your life and taken note of your preferences. It is time to start searching for them.

Go to an Internet search engine and type in the key preferences, knowledge and skills you want to use in your next job. For example, one person might search for "sports, Spanish, people, Virginia (or whatever other state you are interested in working in.)" When we ran this search a few years ago, we found a company that was in Sports Marketing. Some of their jobs included selling advertising space at local sporting arenas.

Do these searches again in other search engines and find a few jobs you are interested in. We recommend using different search engines so you get exposure to more opportunities.

Once you have identified a few job titles, e.g., inside sales representative, client services associate, ad manager, pre-sales engineer, start searching for these jobs on different job boards. You want to see how many results you get for that role. Ideally you will find a job title that has many vacancies at many companies. This means you have found a role that is growing and widely used. This improves your chances of getting employed in that field.

Another strategy you can employ is to visit your government's Bureau of Labor Statistics, e.g., US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and see which fields are growing and in which regions of the country. learn how to research companies.

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