Research the Companies you Want to Apply with

Once you have found some jobs you want to pursue, research the companies that are advertising vacancies.  Check out their websites, search through news articles about them, and get a feel for the language they use. Do they talk about customers or clients? Do they call their employees associates, workers, or employees?

Look for what is important to them. Do they mention integrity a lot? How about teamwork? A news article mentions one of the companies is focused on international expansion; perhaps they need employees with foreign language skills.

If it is a public company, read their quarterly or annual report; at the very least the management discussion. This section will often tell you what kinds of business segments the company is organized into and whether the segment you may be interested in is growing.

How the company talks about its products and services is important language for you to mirror. It is easier if you use their language rather than making the HR manager and hiring manager strain to connect your word choice with their own.

Create a list of the keywords and phrases they seem to prefer. You will use this list when you revise your resume draft. inventory your life to find your best stories.

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