Inventory your Life to Find your Best Stories

Now it is time to look at content!  Inventory you professional job experiences.  Lets start with your Education.  Beginning with the most recent school you attended, write down the following:

School Name.  School Location.  Dates attended.
Degree/Training received.  Grade/GPA.
Awards, honors, opportunities.
Continue this process with other schooling back to but NOT including high school.

Do not include short course work you may have received on the job.  For instance, if you had a 2-hour class on Race Relations, do not include it in your Education. While you do want to keep track of these classes, they will not be listed here.

Next, list your previous work experience.  Starting with your most recent job and working backwards, write down the following:
Company Name.  Position Title.  Dates.
Normal duties.  Accomplishments.

Do not limit yourself to space at this point.  While resumes should only be one to two pages, this inventory of your experiences should be all-inclusive.

Once you have these lists, go fact check yourself. Look at your transcript, look at what you have posted on your social sites. Make sure the dates are accurate and that they are the same. You do not want a sourcing recruiter to throw out your resume because your graduation month or year on your LinkedIn page does not match your resume's date. learn how to tailor your content.

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