Determine your Interests, Skills, and Abilities

List out all the things that interest you, all the individual skills you have, and any special abilities you possess. Do it as a brainstorm. Do not stop to assess if these are really the best things to highlight yet; just start listing.

To develop the list you can think of the times when someone paid your a compliment or special recognition for accomplishing something. Or you can think of the most challenging thing you had to overcome during different phases of your life. You can think of different periods of coaching or instruction where someone taught you something.

Consider your academic knowledge, and list the subjects you seemed to have a natural talent or preference for. Think about your physical abilities. Did you play on team or individual sports. What other groups were you part of? Drama? Music? Volunteer organization?

– Interests are the things you spend your free time on (like reading, sports, computer games, etc.)

– Skills are things you have learned about or how to do (like a degree in management, translate French, organize files, lead people, etc.)

– Abilities are things you are good at with out practice (good with numbers, great at meeting people and talking to them, great long distance runner, etc.)

Now that you have that list, consider the combinations of them that you want to use in a job. focus on the things you like to do and can do.

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