Determine the Things you Like to Do and the Things you Can Do

Once you have a list of your interests, skills, and abilities, look and see which of these things you most enjoy. Find a combination of them that you could do for work.  

For instance, you may love sports, know how to speak Spanish, and find it easy to talk to people.  If those are the attributes that you enjoy the most, why not find a job that lets you use them.

You could also prioritize the items in your order of preferences. For example, maybe it is most important to you to practice your Spanish language skills. Next it is more important to practice speaking Spanish rather then writing and reading it. After that is your preference to work outdoors, particularly in a sports-related field.

Understanding these preferences will help you as you begin to research the market for jobs that match your interests, skills, and abilities. learn how to research the market.

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